I'm a freelance Film & Television Journalist/Critic, Ghost Writer, and Content Writer/Editor from Scotland, currently living and working in East London.
I attended school in Surrey before graduating from the University of Dundee with an LLB in English Law. Seeking a change in direction, I set off to Edinburgh Napier University where I earned a BA in Journalism. As part of that course, I also studied at Ryerson University, Toronto for a semester. 
Since then, I've lived in various countries and travelled widely, all the while working as a Ghost Writer and Content Writer & Editor. A sample list of clients can be found on this page. I now divide my time between that sort of work and writing about films, documentaries, and TV series, as well as the creatives behind them. 
I have bylines at the sites listed on this page, and I'm always looking for new opportunities to contribute. You'll also find me on the Jury for Fusion International Film Festivals, who recently invited me along to their Green Room for a chat. Read the interview here. After that, take a look at my portfolio and social media, and get in touch if you like what you see. 
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